Are there internships in the field of mathematical modeling

BSc. Mathematical modeling, simulation and optimization

What are the prospects after the bachelor's degree?

Career prospects

Due to your application-oriented and cross-sectional studies, fields of work in the research and development area of ​​medium-sized and larger companies open up to you. Thanks to your in-depth training in mathematical methods, you have a high degree of abstraction ability and flexibility. They know the basics of theoretical physics and their implementation in experiments in the laboratory. In addition, you have acquired knowledge of modern software tools and programming environments. In the practical module, you have gained initial experience in modeling practical problems as well as networking your knowledge in the MINT areas of mathematics, natural sciences and computer science. Therefore, you are well trained to open up innovative and interesting areas of work in a wide variety of industrial sectors. The need for qualified scientists in the MINT sector is unbroken in all areas of society.

Consecutive course (optional)

In addition to a direct entry into working life, good Bachelor graduates have the option of direct transition to the four-semester consecutive, English-language master’s course (M. Sc. Mathematical Modeling, Simulation and Optimization).

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