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That completely from South Africa surrounded kingdom Lesotho has roughly the same land area as Belgium, making it one of the smaller countries in Africa. Lesotho is one of the three countries in the world that are surrounded by just one other state (besides San Marino and Vatika, both of which are surrounded by Italy) and therefore has no access to the sea. The entire length of the border between Lesotho and South Africa is 909 km. The South African provinces, bordered by Lesotho, are the Free State in the west and north, KwaZulu-Natal in the east and the Eastern Cape in the south.

Lesotho's west is on the Highveld, a high plateau (altitude about 1,400 to 1,700 m), which consists mainly of sandstone. Due to the relatively low location within Lesotho, the plateau "Lowlands". These Lowlands are also the main settlement area in the country. The landscape is characterized by table mountains and river valleys.

The plateaus and mountains in the east of Lesotho ("Highlands") sometimes reach heights of over 2,000 m and consist of basalt, which was formed by volcanic eruptions around 170 - 150 million years ago. In the highlands there are also numerous deeply indented river valleys and mountain ranges.

The Drakensberg (in Lesotho they are called the Maloti Mountains) represent an outstanding geographical element: from the southwest of the country to the north, the mountain range stretches almost crescent-shaped through Lesotho. The highest point in Lesotho (and in all of southern Africa) is the Thabana Ntlenyana, which reaches a height of 3,482 m.

The lowest point in the country is at the confluence of the rivers Orange (the one in Lesotho Senqu is called) and Makhaleng at 1,400 m. What is unique worldwide is that the entire national territory in Lesotho is higher than 1,000 m. About 80% of the country's area is even higher than 1,800 m.

The sources of the important South African rivers are located in Lesotho Orange as well as caledon. Deep canyons formed along the rivers. At the edge of the Drakensberg you can find numerous waterfalls, the Maletsunyane Falls near Semonkong are the highest in southern Africa (about 192 m height).

The bottom of the Lowveld in the west consists of relatively soft sandstone. Therefore, the erosion is quite strong here, this phenomenon is intensified by overpopulation and overexploitation of the soil (only about 10 to 20% of the land area can be used for agriculture).

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