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Ellen DeGeneres fires three senior employees

Behind the scenes at Ellen DeGeneres' talk show, there is said to be a poisonous working atmosphere, according to some employees. There was also talk of racism. Now there were consequences.

Racism, sexual harassment, intimidation and dismissal due to illness are the serious allegations on the part of their own employees - now there are personal consequences. According to consistent reports from several American media, three employees of the "Ellen DeGeneres Show" presented by the presenter of the same name had to take their hats off. In addition to the two production directors Ed Glavin and Kevin Leman, the author's boss Jonathan Norman has left the US talk show. Warner Bros. confirmed this at the request of the US industry service "Variety".

According to this report, the current employees of the talk show were already informed of the decision on Monday. Allegedly, Ellen DeGeneres apologized for what happened in a video conference. Just like the other employees, the 62-year-old moderator will also take part in workshops on the topics of diversity and inclusion.

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Former and current employees of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" had raised serious allegations regarding the prevailing working atmosphere behind the scenes of the US talk show. It was said to be highly poisoned. In view of the fact that the motto of the show is "Be nice to each other", the allegations had a particularly bland aftertaste. The layoffs, like the workshops, are a consequence of the allegations and the resulting internal investigations.

"I promise that I will do my part and will continue to push myself and my fellow human beings so that we can get better," said DeGeneres, who was a victim of discrimination herself because of her homosexuality, at the end of July. "While we have grown exponentially, I have not been able to maintain a complete overview, and I have relied on others to do their job as I expected," said the presenter of "The Hollywood Reporter" at the time. quoted.

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