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Corona: These rules apply in Munich

There is currently one Obligation to wear an FFP2 mask

  • in the sales rooms of all shops, as well as on the sales area, in the entrance and waiting areas in front of the sales rooms and in the associated parking lots
  • when picking up food "To Go", books and media ordered in libraries, as well as goods via "Click and Collect"
  • when visiting beer gardens and restaurants indoors and outdoors. The mask can be removed at the table.
  • at stalls in markets
  • for visitors to church services
  • in long-distance public transport and the associated facilities for passengers and passengers, as well as for control and service personnel, insofar as they come into contact with passengers and passengers
  • in local public transport and the associated facilities
  • for school transport
  • when visiting a doctor's office
  • in old people's and nursing homes
  • in music schools, unless active music making does not permit a mask requirement
  • for theoretical and practical driving school lessons as well as driving school exams
  • for visitors to cultural sites (e.g. museums, castles, theaters, concert and opera houses, cinemas, drive-in cinemas)
  • in the Hellabrunn Zoo and in the Botanical Garden
  • for employees of outpatient care services and semi-inpatient care facilities, as long as they are in contact with people in need of care

The fine in the case of an intentional first violation 250 euro.

In Munich there is currently a general requirement to wear a mask outside in the heavily frequented places in Munich's old town. Since March 10th is the duration of the mask requirement in the city center daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Due to a general decree, a mask must be worn at the following places during this period:

  • Old town pedestrian zone (including Neuhauser Straße, Kaufinger Straße, Theatinerstraße)
  • Marienplatz
  • Stachus
  • Odeonsplatz in front of the Feldherrnhalle
  • Beef market
  • Viktualienmarkt
  • Sendlinger Straße and Sendlinger-Tor-Platz
  • Rosental between Sendlinger Straße and Rindermarkt
  • Dienerstrasse
  • Schrammerstrasse
  • Country road
  • Sidewalks on both sides in the valley (in the area of ​​house numbers 1 to 48)
  • Schützenstrasse

The mask requirement is indicated by signs at the entrances to the respective areas.

Public buildings: Mouth and nose covering is also required on the meeting and traffic areas, including the elevators, in public buildings.

Job: In addition, there is a mask requirement in Munich on the meeting and traffic areas of the workplace, especially in elevators, hallways, canteens and entrances; The same applies to the workplace if the minimum distance of 1.5 meters cannot be reliably maintained.

School: In schools, elementary schools and daycare centers, it is mandatory to wear a mask, also during the Abitur exams and all other final exams. It is also mandatory for teachers to wear medical masks. In addition, it is mandatory to wear a mask in driving schools, universities and in extracurricular education.

For larger gatherings in the open air, such as demonstrations, it is mandatory to wear a mask.

For employees in the checkout and counter areas of shops or at reception desks, the mask requirement is relaxed: If transparent protective walls made of acrylic glass or similar can ensure reliable protection, they are not required to wear a mask.

Children between sixth and 15th birthday must instead of FFP2 masks just a mouth and nose covering wear. childrenup to the sixth birthday are exempt from the obligation to wear.