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The French company Primland produces and sells the Oscar kiwi variety. This year the company entered the Vietnamese market. Jean-Baptiste Pinel, Managing Director of Primland, said that this step was worth it: "The negotiations took a long time, but we are all the more pleased with the results. The Oscar was very well received; Vietnamese consumers love sweet products. Since the Oscar is a premium product, it is guaranteed to be sweet and tasty. Generally speaking, the Oscar is very popular in all countries where consumers have a sweet tooth. "
Primland produces French and Chilean kiwis. Last week Primland celebrated its 20th anniversary in Chile. "The French Oscar season is almost over and we will start harvesting in Chile at the beginning of April. This way we can supply our consumers with the product all year round."
François Lafitte, President of Primland, Ronald Bown, President of Asoex (Association of Chilean exporters), Elizabeth Köhler, Coordinator of the Chilean Kiwi Committee, Carlos Cruzat, President of the Chilean Kiwi Committee and Jean-Baptiste Pinel celebrate the 20th anniversary in Chile .
"The two most important priorities of Primland are to open new markets and offer new products like Oscar Gold. We are also constantly developing our products. At the moment we want to grow more organic Oscar. Jean-Baptiste emphasizes the lack of organic Oscar: "The popularity of organic products continues to grow, which is why the demand for organic Oscar is also growing. This trend is particularly evident in Europe; in Asia, organic kiwifruit have not become particularly popular. "
"In terms of size and quality, the season is pretty normal. At the sales level we are writing the same figures as last year, as we sell similar quantities within Europe as outside of Europe. Demand has fallen slightly, but it is still good . Our Italian competitors have fewer products, which means that the selling prices on the market are better. "
"Primland mainly exports to China, Taiwan, Thailand and Europe. About 40% of the production goes to the French Marlt. The Oscar brand has existed for 38 years." Besides France, Oscar is also very well known in Belgium, Spain and the rest of Europe . The variety also enjoys a good reputation in China, Taiwan and Thailand. Our reputation in Vietnam is also growing. "
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