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News about the coronavirus and your car purchase - what you should know

Health is the most important thing. In times of Corona, the thoughts are usually elsewhere than when buying a new car. “Click & Meet” has been available since March 8th. However, we noticed that there are many unanswered questions on the subject of “Coronavirus and buying a car”, in particular what “Click & Meet” means exactly, how to best reach car dealerships, arrange test drives and deliveries of new cars and make car purchases. We also go into how the Corona premiums and discounts behave when buying a car. We will keep you up to date on the effects of Corona on car purchases.

Since April 21, 2021 it has been clear: The federal emergency brake is coming. This is actually good news for the motor vehicle trade, because appointment shopping (“Click & Meet”) should also be possible with an incidence of up to 150. “Click & Collect”, ie the collection and delivery of vehicles, remains permitted regardless of the incidence values. First of all, we briefly summarize what you can do when buying a car at the current time during the corona lockdown:

  • The dealerships can be reached by phone and online
  • Contact the dealership for an appointment (“Click & Meet”)
  • Personal appointments are possible up to an incidence of 150 and a negative test
  • If the incidence is over 150 for three days, only “Click & Collect”
  • Deliveries and collections are still allowed
  • Test drives are allowed if an appointment has been made in advance
  • The dealership creates the purchase contract contactlessly, e.g. by email with a scan, fax or post

We and our partner car dealerships are there for you even in this crisis. So it is still possible to reach the sales staff and buy a car.

While the car dealerships can be reached, it is possible that local registration offices are closed. Your dealership can help you find a way to register your new car.

When are car dealerships allowed to reopen?

On April 21, 2021, the Bundestag voted in favor of a nationwide emergency brake. The guidelines for the motor vehicle trade will change with the introduction of the emergency brake. Whether you are allowed to enter a car dealership continues to depend on the incidence. If this is below 150, the dealership can open and receive customers if they can present a current negative corona test. So-called appointment shopping, “Click & Meet”, is possible. If the incidence rises above 150, the agreed emergency brake is pulled and the car dealerships have to close.

Then only deliveries and collections of ordered goods (“Click & Collect”) are possible. This remains permitted regardless of the incidence figures. The federal emergency brake will come into force on April 24 at the earliest and should apply until June 30, 2021 at the latest.

What does “Click & Meet” mean?

With “Click & Meet” you can simply configure your dream car and then contact the desired dealership to make an appointment. The employees will then tell you if and when an appointment at the dealership is possible, so that you can also take part in an on-site consultation if you wish. One person per 40 square meters can then stay in the dealership after an appointment has been made.

The sales staff can still be reached online and by phone, e.g. to arrange test drives, complete an online purchase or arrange the delivery of the new car. Contactless contracts are possible in many ways, e.g. by e-mail with a scan, by fax or post.

In principle, the following is allowed with regard to buying and driving a car:

  • Buy car online
  • Arrange and carry out test drives and deliveries
  • Visit the auto repair shop and parts sales department
  • Use petrol stations
  • Carry out pick-up and delivery services

Corona and lockdown: you need to know that

A lockdown, literally “shutting down” or “switching off” public life, has been in place since December 16, 2020. In order to curb the spread of the corona virus, this measure was decided for all of Germany. With the introduction of a nationwide emergency brake announced on April 21, 2021, a uniform procedure was adopted. The emergency brake measures apply until June 30, 2021 at the latest.

Federal emergency brake regulations

The nationwide emergency brake comes into force when the 7-day incidence in a municipality or district is over 100 on three consecutive days. From then on, the following rules will come into force:

  • Private meetings only one household and one additional person
  • Exit restriction between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.
  • “Click & Meet” up to an incidence of 150 and a negative corona test
  • “Click & Collect” from an incidence of 150
  • Body-hugging services are still allowed, negative test required
  • If possible, home office must be offered
  • Contactless outdoor sports only alone, as a couple or with your own household

The emergency brake is only deactivated again if the incidence is below 100 for five consecutive working days.

Facilitation for vaccinated people

The vaccination summit took place on April 26th. Here the federal and state governments discussed how the vaccinations should continue. The vaccination sequence is to be canceled from June, and a vaccination offer is to be made to every German by the end of summer. Vaccinated and recovered persons can then expect the following relief:

  • No more contact restrictions
  • No compulsory tests before departure
  • No quarantine after returning home
  • No obligation to test in shops, markets, cultural institutions, hairdressers, etc.

The Federal Council will decide on May 28th whether these regulations really apply. That would mean that you, as a vaccinated person, can visit a car dealership again without any restrictions. The so-called AHA rule, however, still applies: keep your distance, hygiene and everyday mask.

Basically, the following still applies:

  • Avoid unnecessary social contacts as much as possible
  • Work from your home office whenever possible
  • Continue to adhere to hygiene rules and the requirement to wear a mask

Corona premiums: save with discounts when buying a car

The discounts on new cars, especially for electric cars, have so far been very good regardless of the Corona influence. The purchase premium for e-cars, which was extended at the car summit from November 17, 2020 to 2025, in order to cushion the loss of the car manufacturers' lost sales due to Corona and to achieve the climate targets, continues to apply. The innovation bonus for electric and plug-in hybrid cars is a great incentive to buy for those interested in new cars, because the savings can be up to 10,000 euros.

In plain language, this means that the prices for electric and plug-in hybrid cars are very attractive - in the past, high prices were a criterion for not using an electric car.

If you configure your new car and compare offers, you can currently get the Renault Zoe with up to 44% savings, for example, or buy the Opel Corsa-e with up to 41% discount. So it remains a good time to buy an electric car! However, since you should reduce your social contacts to a minimum in times of the coronavirus, it helps that three quarters of our dealers offer a full purchase process including the conclusion of a contract.

Buying a car online - is it possible?

Yes! Three quarters of the carwow partner dealerships offer a comprehensive purchase process including the conclusion of a contract, so that you can buy the car you want online from home. So that you can better see which retailers are offering a home purchase, look out for the "Buy online possible" tag on their offers.

So you can buy a new car at low prices even in times of the corona crisis. As a buyer: all you have to do is print out the contract, sign it, scan it and send it back - done!

Also, keep an eye out for discounts on car purchases and save yourself real cash.

Is a vehicle registration possible during the corona crisis?

First of all: the dealership where you buy your new car will be happy to help you find a way to register your new car. The current situation is that some registration offices are issuing appointments, others are only open for commercial use, still others have restricted operations or changed opening times and some registration offices are still closed. That is why it makes sense to contact the dealership directly and find out in advance on the Internet which company the vehicle registration office of your choice currently has.

It is easier with the internet-based vehicle registration. All new and used vehicles with a first registration from 2015 can now also be registered or re-registered completely online. To do this, you need an identity card with an activated online function or, alternatively, if you are resident in Bavaria, you need a Bavaria ID. You can find the option of online admission in the online portal of your local admission office.

Can I have my car delivered to my home?

When buying a car in times of COVID-19 lockdowns, one might wonder: “How can I actually pick up my new car?” However, even in times of pandemics, deliveries usually take place in the car dealership, according to the keyword Click & Collect. You can simply make an appointment on site and pick up your car at the dealership. A contactless car buying experience should continue to be possible, even if there will be easing soon.

If you would nevertheless prefer to have your car delivered to your home, it is best to ask your car dealership directly which options are available.

What to do if the car is delivered too late due to the coronavirus?

Due to the production stops due to the corona virus, the delivery times of some vehicles have increased. If you have already bought a car and you are interested in whether the delivery time has changed, the best thing to do is to contact the carwow partner car dealership where you bought the car. He will be happy to provide you with information.

For new orders, you can find out about the current new vehicle delivery times on carwow.

Broken car: Are workshops open despite Corona?

The car workshop is part of the basic supply, is therefore system-relevant and may therefore remain open despite the tougher lockdown. So if your car breaks down or if necessary maintenance work has to be carried out, you can still drive to the workshop. Even in times of the coronavirus, it is important to ensure individual mobility.

Are the petrol stations open despite Corona?

Even in times of the corona virus, the petrol stations are open. Like auto repair shops, petrol stations are part of the basic supply and are therefore systemically relevant. The opening times of petrol stations are currently the same, but what could still happen if you look at the other European countries is that the opening times of the petrol stations will change due to the corona virus. This is currently not the case in Germany.

However, what you should consider when refueling because of the coronavirus:

  • Handle the nozzle or charging plug with gloves
  • Ideally, disinfect the fuel cap before starting your journey
  • Make contactless payment by card
  • Keep your distance in the queue when paying

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Stress-free & without negotiating about your new car

  • You know all prices even before the first talk with the dealer
  • Great deals from +1,600 dealerships
  • No hidden costs for car buyers
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Stress-free & without negotiating about your new car

  • You know all prices even before the first talk with the dealer
  • Great deals from +1,600 dealerships
  • No hidden costs for car buyers

Stress-free & without negotiating about your new car

  • You know all prices even before the first talk with the dealer
  • Great deals from +1,600 dealerships
  • No hidden costs for car buyers