What is the benefit of paid advertising

Advantages and Disadvantages of SEO and Google Paid Advertising

Of course, if you're building a website, you want it to get a lot of traffic. How can your website appear first in Google search results? You have two ways in which you can appear on Google; in organic results and as paid advertising from Google.

Organic Results (SEO)

Organic results (green) are shown below the paid advertising (red). To appear in the top positions in the organic results, you need to optimize your website for the search engines.

The goal of Google is to show the most relevant results. The relevance of the website is judged according to the search query. The websites with relevant content appear in the top positions of Google. In the following guide you can find out how to optimize the website for Google.

+ Advantage Search engine optimization (SEO) enables your websites to be displayed on Google for free. The result of your efforts is long term. A well-optimized website can appear in good positions for a long time.

- disadvantage Search engine optimization (SEO) requires continuous activity. You also have to watch the competition as they are sure to be working hard on their website too. It takes time for your website to get a good rating from Google. In addition, if you want to maintain or gain a good position, it is necessary to constantly work on search engine optimization. If you want to use the services of a search engine optimization expert, then you have to dig a little deeper into your pockets.

Paid advertising from Google

Paid advertising from Google (PPC-pay per click) is displayed in the first three positions and to the right of the organic results on Google. You can create a campaign on Google AdWords.

+ advantagePaid advertising from Google is fast. Advertisement texts are displayed practically immediately. Compared to traditional advertising (TV, newspapers, etc.), ads are only shown to engaged customers. You only pay when someone interested clicks on your ad. You can only attract those people who are interested in your products.

- disadvantage It can happen that you create your campaign for keywords that are too general. The price per click can then be very high. If your budget runs out, your campaign will also stop. You can lose valuable visitors this way.

Which of the two options should you choose?

The best solution is to combine the two. Create a campaign on Google AdWords for properly optimized website. Get more customers for your website with Google!

You can create your own advertising with Google AdWords in a few simple steps. Analyze your website, find the best keywords that suit your business and formulate texts for your online campaign. The text of the advertisement is displayed as soon as the visitor enters the specific keyword into the search engine.

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