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What is scoyo?

With its digital offers and services, scoyo GmbH accompanies children and their parents along the school path. With the scoyo learning world, the online learning specialist in Germany's number 1 learning platform for children. The online learning world was developed in collaboration with educators, specialist and media didactics. Tailored to the school type, grade level and curriculum of the respective German federal state, the scoyo learning world covers the learning content for around 4,000 school hours with interactive learning adventures, exercises and tests and thus provides the most extensive internet-based and curriculum-oriented offer for grades 1-7. Further information:

For which children is the scoyo learning world suitable?

scoyo wants to inspire children and their parents to learn again and again and uses the possibilities of the digital world for this. That is why the school material in the scoyo learning world is embedded in animated learning adventures and stories that invite children to participate and think. Self-determined and at their own pace, children apply the learning content from school in tangible situations - this enables knowledge to be experienced and motivates learning. Other gamification elements, such as a personal avatar or a point and level system, provide additional incentives for learning. In the scoyo learning world, children can repeat, consolidate and deepen school material without pressure and with fun.


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