Which company annoys you the most Why

What do you like about your colleagues, what is it that annoys you completely?

While you usually consciously decide on a job when you apply and look forward to the new content and challenges, you cannot choose your team. If you are lucky, you will be welcomed in a friendly manner, the staff will introduce themselves to you, and the team in which you work will be happy to help you with questions and concerns. After a while, colleagues can even become friends and enrich everyday work.

But it can also turn out quite differently. Rivalry, unfriendliness or even bullying can be negative side effects within the workforce and lead to a negative working atmosphere in which one does not feel comfortable.

And often it just depends on the individual. There are those with whom you get along well, who are motivated for the job and with whom you can talk and laugh well. And those who are always in a bad mood, gossip about their job and others, or have to constantly prove themselves and want to be the center of attention. How is it with you?

What do you like about the people you work with and what don't you like at all?

Do you address potential problems openly? How do they affect your motivation for the job? And has something changed for the better or the better during the Corona crisis? Share your experience! (mawa, 02/02/2020)