What is an oven steamer

Linear Home Appliance Damper Fridge Damper Oven Damper


Linear dampersProvide a smooth linear movement. You are having moist in one direction while allowing free run in the other. The flaps are used for common automotive applications especially glove boxes while also being used in the furniture industry.












100% performance test environment test

Oil leak test

Life cycle test> 50,000 times

TS16949: 2009

ROHS directive




competitive advantages



1. SAFE:Protect sensitive electronics and extend the life of your product by helping prevent lid and access panel closure damage

2. SILENCE:Get the superior noise suppression, leading to that touch of quality

3. STABLE:Performing a stable performancefor over 50,000 cycles through often means the reliable quality

4. SMOOTH:Enable products to function with a smooth and elegant mechanical movement

5. GUARANTEE QUALITY:TS16949: 2009ROHS directive

6. SERVICE LIFE:100% product test.Test life of 100,000 or more, to ensure life 50,000 times or more, according to the customers request can come 100,000 times.

7. MATERIAL:Damping oil is the imported silicone oil with good heat resistance

The cushioning force does not drop after continuous many times action

The cushioning effect remains very good

8. PROCESSING:Special cover welding equipment, ensure welding accuracy, precision of welding directly affects the accuracy of the inner cavity space

Guarantee seal tightly beautiful

High strength, rigidity

High mechanical properties

High resistance performance

--- More reliable and more durable


Product application