What are cities near Bratislava worth visiting?

Vienna, Neuherz

Vienna has become a German-speaking metropolis in the last 30 years. Growth seems to be a dominant motto for the last decade. No other German-speaking city is currently growing faster than Vienna. That has a lot to do with their history, because despite communism, the ties to the former crown lands (Austria was a colonial empire) are still there. This manifests itself in a modern Vienna, which today again houses many cultures in everyday life and radiates far beyond the region.

Bratislava, New Heart

Bratislava is a surprisingly modern city that made the step from the isolation of communism to cosmopolitanism and attractiveness in a surprisingly quick time and almost unnoticed. Bratislava has been the new capital of the still young Slovakia since 1993. Nevertheless, among other things, it looks back on 250 years of history as the capital of Hungary (until 1783). Thus, not only Slavic, but also Hungarian language sounds are present in city life. Above everything towers the widely visible Pressburg, which gave the city its German name.

Synergy, Vienna, Bratislava

The location and proximity of the two cities have contributed to a complex bond between Vienna and Bratislava. It is wise to take advantage of the proximity to Bratislava. Neuherz does this with its unique location advantage. Thanks to the employees and customers, Neuherz is firmly anchored in both cultures, the Central and Eastern European.

This close connection is no coincidence, because Neuherz had the feeling early on that only a local presence could open the gate to the east. You dared to take the step more than 10 years ago and many of your customers appreciate this constellation very much and use it for their ventures.


Marketing is a field of communication that only works in the context of the target group's culture. It is the knowledge to apply these cultural differentiations and the ability to apply this knowledge - this ensures the success of market communication across borders. The Neuherz employees, both in Vienna and Bratislava, have internalized this. They live this understanding of culture and language in their daily work. This mainly benefits all Neuherz customers; both large and small companies.


Vienna and Bratislava are always worth a visit - not only from a historical point of view, but because both cities, each in their own way, have their finger on the pulse of the times. If you have plans for something in Eastern Europe, in Austria or in Europe in general, or if you are currently only playing with the idea, plan some time for us at Neuherz. Because we look forward to your visit to our offices in Vienna or Bratislava.