Why do horn speakers sound better

inside view

The only thing missing is photos of the cannibalized twizy, that would be great.

Looks pretty sad

- don't you need spring compressors?

I loosened the shock absorber at the top and took out the entire suspension. Then I solved it below. Whether you should use a spring tensioner for this, no idea.

- are the drive shafts just plugged in?

The connection between gearbox and drive shaft is only plugged in. If you then remove the two bellows, you can separate the drive shaft from the tripod joint counterparts. It is only firmly screwed into the wheel hub.

- the brake hose, ... is that a plug-in coupling? Brake oil out?

A union nut is unscrewed on the vehicle side and the brake line can then be pulled out of the hose on the vehicle side. Then you can drain the brake fluid from both ends.

Do you mean you can get the engine out by yourself?

If you should expand it individually, I have no idea. If you choose the method like I did with the subframe, it works theoretically. But I needed my girlfriend in one situation. I had supported the subframe evenly, but ignored that the center of gravity was not in the middle. The engine is by far the heaviest and so I couldn't really lower it. My girlfriend then stopped the engine to keep it straight. You can do it alone, but it's better to have help from time to time.
If you choose the method with the subframe, you have to remove the battery first!

- estimated expansion times for the individual units would also be great,

hm ... one hour for the battery and two hours for the subframe.

With a lifting platform and lifting table, you can get the battery out in 10 minutes. Jack and roller boards method takes a little longer.