Why cadets don't like drill sergeants


Actor R. Lee Ermey is dead. He died on Sunday at the age of 74 of complications from pneumonia.

Ermey was not a trained performer, but worked for a long time in the military. Francis Ford Coppola hired him for the filming of Apocalypse Now as a consultant and gave him the role of a helicopter pilot. Ermey first role. Years later, Stanley Kubrick hired him as a consultant for his anti-war film Full Metal Jacket and was so convinced of his acting talent that he gave him the role of Sergeant Hartman. That role should be with forever Ermey be associated.

Hartman, who shapes and above all drills the cadets with loud shouting, insults and aggressiveness, quickly achieved cult status, so that Ermey parodied the role e.g. in Peter Jackson's horror comedy The Frighteners himself with a guest appearance. His roles in Michael Bay's Texas Chainsaw Massacre or The Watch - Neighbors of the Third Kind were clearly influenced by Hartman.

Played real leading roles Ermey rather seldom, which does not mean that his film vitae is not varied. Other films he has appeared in include Mississippi Burning - The Root of Hate, Body Snatchers, On Burning Ice, Leaving Las Vegas, Sieben, Dead Man Walking, Lifetime and Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.

Rest in peace.