How do we start making shoes?

Extremely good!

There's a lot going on in fashion. Animal prints are also entering the next round at sneakers & co. The new, super-cool shoes with leo and snake details spice up every outfit in a fashionable way.

Welcome to the zoo! Some things just never go out of style. And leopard prints are definitely one of them. This season, too, the big cat is sneaking more or less quietly through the fashion jungle. From head to toe. Attention fashion fans: This year the leopard is facing animal competition from “wrong” snakes. Python & Co meander very smoothly through the fashion landscape.

Real fashionistas even combine the two animal patterns with each other. Snake and Leo in the mix create exciting looks with lots of sex appeal. Of course, the wild mix of patterns doesn't stop at shoes. Fashion women are now very much in trend with sneakers that add that all-important wow factor to every outfit with small animal details such as leo or python applications.

Not sure if the trendy animal print style suits you? We only say this much: don't be afraid of wild animals! The "animal" trend is basically every woman. No matter what style or age. You don't have to overdo it right away. Let's just start with the feet: Whether Leo sneakers or Python loafers - the look is particularly classy when the rest of the outfit is rather calm. Combining animal prints in style means: beige or black always works. Jeans anyway. Subtle colors and sporty details make the animal look suitable for everyday use.

Conclusion: Leo always works! The Leo runs and runs. Feminine, exotic and always a bit wild. It is only important that you do not combine Leo shoes or boots and a Leo bag with a Leo dress. That would be too much! One eye-catching part is enough! This also applies to the "false snakes" 😉