How much data does Rebtel


The service already works in more than 30 countries around the world. After you have registered with Rebtel and registered your telephone number, you can order local telephone numbers for yourself and your "Global Friends". In Germany, Rebtel is currently based in Berlin. So if you call someone in Sydney or somewhere far away via Rebtel, you only pay the fees for a call to Berlin - the rest is routed via the Internet.

Of course, it's not entirely free: Rebtel collects a dollar for every week you use its service (i.e. in weeks you don't use Rebtel, you don't pay anything). To do this, you have to create an account that can be filled with five or ten dollars in credit. A distinction is also made between two types of conversation - "Rebin" and "Rebout". For the latter there are additional small fees. But you can turn every rebout phone call into a rebin conversation. The called party has to hang up and call you back on your own Rebtel local number while you stay on the line (the first 30 seconds of rebout are free, which should be enough for the request to call you back).

All in all, this looks like a really interesting service for people who call abroad a lot. Also very interesting is a look at the management of Rebtel, especially the biography of CEO Hjalmar Winbladh: Among other things, he sold his former company Sendit to Microsoft for 150 million dollars and then headed the Redmond-based group's mobile Internet division for two years. Sounds like we'll hear a lot more from Rebtel in the future ... (tc)